Our Services

We specialise in the following design services:

Exhibition Stand Design
From custom-build stands to acclaimed pop-up displays – whatever your exhibition stand design needs, we’ve got you covered.

Interior Design
Looking to devise a sleek kitchen or bathroom, transform your sleeping quarters, expand your studio, or simply make the most of your garage space? Whatever your interior design idea might be, we’ll bring it to life.

Architecture Realistic 3D Visualisation
Specialists in composite lighting effects, advanced materials and interior and exterior renderings, we pride ourselves on the quality of our architectural 3D visualisations.

Commercial & Retail Concepts
From small retail points and temporary installations to full scale, multi-level stores incorporating multiple design elements and architectural components, we have the expertise to transform any commercial or retail interior, providing striking and functional designs.

Furniture & Product Design
We provide creative advice, design consultancy and top quality 3D renderings to take your furniture or product design concepts and turn them into a reality with photo-realistic images, exploded design drawings, product storyboards and immersive 3D modelling.

3D Floor Plans
With our precise and vividly realistic 3D floor plans, every detail of your layout is brought to life with precision and beauty. Enabling you or your clients to fully appreciate and assess the functional and aesthetic dimensions of your floor plan.

360° VR Interior Design
We specialise in creating 360° and VR visualisations of any private or commercial interior design. From domestic designs to expansive commercial creations, cutting-edge rendering technology and our innovative approach to design mean that whatever your visualisation needs, you’ll get the very best in interactive immersion.

Our photorealistic 360° visualisations can be viewed on any screen, including all touchscreens and mobile devices, meaning complete control and portability. Using your mouse or finger, you can look around the design environment and rotate your virtual view in any direction, allowing you to experience the design from any angle. Pristine high definition visuals and a first-person perspective that puts you at the centre of the action ensures your 360° visualisation offers you a truly illuminating perspective.

3D Animation
For complex product designs, the ability to animate the product in precise visual detail allows for unparalleled assessment, engagement and education. Vivid 3D animation walkthroughs and elaborately detailed visualisations mean your vision can be easily shared and understood by everyone involved.

Movie-Inspired Interior Design
With an entire universe (and more) of classic and cult movie-inspired themes and designs to choose from, you can have the interior of your geeky dreams. Just tell us what you’re after. And we’ll design it for you. From hobbit holes and bat caves to Disney castle beds.

If you’d like to find out more about our services or discuss a project, get in touch, we’re always up for a chat!